I recently heard about the new idea of integrating 3-D printing into student’s curriculum, and am amazed at the wonderful feedback from children. An article done by the Daily Cronicle.com, stated the importance of using new technology into 21st century students lives, for them to get a hands on appreciation for what our world is truly developing thanks to the innovations in STEM. Not only is this invention catching the eyes of students, but especially young girls. It is well known that girls in STEM if often not as common as the world would expect. With about 26% of girls dropping out of STEM related classes in middle school; chances are very slim to get them interested in the profession later in life. By exposing young girls to inventions of STEM at an early age, they are able to develop a new found love for the system. As said in the article, 3D printing was brought into a classroom to show young girls the ability for the machine to create jewelry. This caught the attention of many youngsters, causing them to be intrigued on truly how this machine worked. Quotes from the article include.”I just really like science,” Nelson said. “I think [my favorite] was when we made jewelry boxes.”

STEM Divas met Saturday to teach middle-school-aged girls about 3-D printing and the computer software used to design the finished products. Protected by pink safety goggles, the girls worked away with a 3-D printing pen – 3doodler – constructing shapes and jewelry to take home and show off later.

By allowing young girls to see the importance and significance of STEM powered creations in front of their very eyes, develops not only an appreciation for STEM but also a new found love or interested for the profession.


By: Samina Mondal